About Us

Operation and management of this site, planning and execution of projects, planning and management of domestic and overseas exhibitions and solo exhibitions, sales management of works, promotion and sales management of art products, consulting for art product production, operation and management of overseas business, etc. KANAMI & KEKOA LLC. and team UMEHARA, a strategy specialist group, jointly carry out work related to artist YUKIO UMEHARA.

Management Company

KANAMI & KEKOA Limited Liability Company


Yumi Sakamoto

Operational Group

team UMEHARA (Strategic Specialists)


3-14-2 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo



Works in charge

  • 1. Website operation and management

  • 2. Project planning and execution

  • 3. Sales and management of works

  • 4. Promotion and sales management of art products

  • 5. Consulting for production of art products

  • 6. Planning and operation of domestic and overseas exhibitions and solo exhibitions

  • 7. Operation and management of overseas expansion business

  • 8. All other business incidental to the preceding items